R.O.C. Neighborhood Watch

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

ROC Neighborhood Watch meets at the True Vine Church, 40 Norfolk St., Dorchester from 6 to 8 p.m. on the Third Thursday of every month.


Make our community a safe place to live, persue life goals and raise family. Reduce the occurance of violent crime in our community. Increase community engagement. Provide ongoing activities and events to increase the unity and solidarity of our community 


40 Norfolk Street
Dorchester, MA
United States
Key Programs Offered: 

ROC is about the business of maintaining a safe, clean, and closer community. Bringing back the good 'ol days when you knew who your neighbors were and you looked out for them!

We are changing mind sets one neighbor and one street at a time. We do not believe that we are alone, powerless, afraid and/ or cannot make the change necessary to solve the problem of violence on our streets!

We are made up of the residents from Norfolk St , Corbet St, Nelson St, Evans St, Crowell St, Dyer St, Stanton St, Thetford St, Capen St, Maxwell St, and Hopkins St.