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Senior Luncheon Health Talk | August 14

Dorchester House and the Boston Medical Center are hosting a luncheon on fall prevention (11am on August 14) with Megan Young, MD (Geriatric Medicine). Don't miss these important tips while enjoying lunch! There will also be a question and answers section. To send questions or RSVP, call 617-740-2419 or email mary.truong@dorchesterhouse.org

Job Seeker Workshop | August 12

Need help getting a job? The FREE Job Seeker Workshop will provide assistance with online job applications! Online job applications are an important step to finding a job. Bring your resume saved on a flash drive and have a job that you would like to apply for! Some job search help will also be provided. The workshop will take place at the Grove Hall Branch (41 Geneva Ave in Dorchester) on August 12 from 11am to noon.

Dig Into Dinosaurs | August 12

The Museum of Science, along with the Fields Corner Branch Library (1520 Dorchester Ave), presents "Dig Into Dinosaurs." This is a program for children and their parents to interact with REAL fossils as well as model fossils. Participants will also get the chance to study a simulated dinosaur and excavate a replica field site. Children will also meet a number of live animals and explore some amazing reptile characteristics! Space is limited; at least 1 adult for every four children please! For more info, call 617- 436-2155.

DSNI 2013 Multicultural Festival | August 10

DSNI is hosting the 2013 Multicultural Festival on August 10 from 12pm to 6pm. The festival will take place at Mary Hannon Park (613 Dudley St in Dorchester). The festival will include tons of family-friendly activities, games, food and MORE! For more information, or to volunteer, call 617-422-9670, visit http://dsni.org/dsni-2013-multicultural-festival or watch the promotional video HERE.

Upham's Corner Festival | August 17

Don't miss the FREE Upham's Corner Street Festival on August 17 from 12pm to 5pm at the corner of Stroughton Street and Columbia Road. Enjoy live music, food, family-friendly activities, arts and crafts, tours and more! For more info, email max@uphamscorner.org or call 617-265-0363.

Joy Unspeakable | August 10

Refresh and recirculate the joy in your life! Use sensual belly dance, yoga and mediation to bring joy into your life. Food and refreshments included! Limited to 8 guests to allow for depth work. Takes place August 10 from noon to 2pm at 32 Hartford Street in Dorchester. For more info, call 617.446.3840, email inspired.release@gmail.com or visit www.inspiredrelease.com. (Cost: $35)

Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum | August 8

The next Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum will take place at The Ledge Restaurant (2261 Dorchester Ave) on August 8 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. There are currently 12 candidates:
John Barros, Community Leader, Dorchester

Daniel F. Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney

John R. Connolly, city councillor

Robert Consalvo, city councillor

Charlotte Golar Richie, former State Representative

Michael P. Ross, city councillor

Bill Walczak, community organizer

Marty Walsh, State Representative

Charles Yancey, city councilor


Kindergarten Day Party | August 21

The annual Kindergarten Day Party will take place at the Adams Street Branch Library on August 21 at 6pm. This is a special event for the future kindergartners in our community in conjunction with the Countdown to Kindergarten organization, to help get kids excited as they enter BPS this fall. The event includes games, crafts and stories as well as food and school supplies! Volunteers are needed for this event! If you or anyone you know would be willing to volunteer, please do! This is a great community service opportunity for your teens as well. To volunteer, email gharris@bpl.org or call 617-436-6900.

Colonial Days for Kindergartners | August 8, 15 + 22

Don't miss colonial days for Kindergartners! Two hundred and fifty years ago, Elizabeth and Samuel Pierce Jr lived just off Adams Street in a house called the Pierce House (24 Oakton Ave, Dorchester MA). They were farmers that raised animals and grew crops. They lived a very different life than we do today. Learn how they lived during this drop-in museum experience for young learners! Activities include dressing like a colonist, playing games, digging for artifacts, doing crafts and puzzles, weaving and reading. This workshop will take place on August 8, 15 and 22 from 9am to noon. Don't forget that it is free! For more info, call 617-288-6041 or email pierceed@historicnewengland.org

Defend, Don't Offend! | August 8 + 15

Close to Home is hosting a march to prevent domestic violence. This march will specifically deal with "street hollering." Street hollering are unwelcomed words and actions by strangers in public places that invade a person's physical and emotional space in a disrespectful, creepy or insulting manor. It is considered a form of sexual harassment. You can help by joining in this march on August 15, at Rite Aid (Corner of Savin Hill Street & Dot Ave) starting at 6pm. For more info, call 617-929-5151 or email tyla-tyla36@gmail.com >> Read More

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