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concerned about local air quality?

Do you have asthma or know someone who does? DEHC is working to improve local air quality by encouraging clean air activities like tree planting, bike riding, and creating new community greenspaces. want to get involved? contact 617-474-1478 and ask about DEHC's campaigns.


Green Roofs info

Green Roofs Differ in Building Cooling, Water Handling Capabilities
The first study to compare the performance of different types of green roofs has been completed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Dorchester's Farmers Markets

During this summer of 2008, we are fortunate to have a choice of farmers market somewhere in Dorchester nearly every day of the week. Please visit the online Dorchester Enviro calendar to find one near you!

"green collar" jobs - creating a new economy

For those of you who have not already seen it, MAGJC, along with some of our ally organizations, was featured in a Globe article on Friday July 4th. This is a great boost to our green jobs efforts:
The Massachusetts Green Jobs Coalition (MAGJC) is a statewide alliance that advocates for and actively creates a just and inclusive Green Economy that creates pathways out of poverty. We do this by convening, connecting, catalyzing and mobilizing for the creation of green industries, careers and entrepreneurial opportunities that heal the earth and our communities.

Codman Square Parks: Park Patrol

From the Park Patrol Youth Program's website -
Promoting Parks & Open Space

The Park Patrol program was launched in July 2007 to involve youth in open space initiatives in their own backyard during summer and out-of-school time. Some of the goals of this leadership development course are:

- To improve Codman Square's parks and open spaces, and increase the number of clean, safe, community-friendly areas.

- To raise awareness in the neighborhood about the benefits of parks and the opportunities that are happening in our local parks.

- To train youth as local advocates for our parks and equip them with valuable skills in the growing 'green' sector.

Check the Dorchester Environmental online calendar for activities!


Gardeners Gathering - a wonderful event

I am writing this from the Northeastern University Curry Center on Saturday March 22. This is a celebration of community gardening in Boston, and many of my neighbors are here. From gardening gloves to worm composting, there is lots to learn. An excellent place to network! Boston Natural Areas Network will be starting a new Master Urban Gardeners program for the residential garden. I plan to check it out!

Trees for Dorchester!

Mayor Menino has announced a partnership that will increase the number of trees in the city of Boston. Grow Boston Greener (GBG) is a collaborative effort of the City of Boston and its partners in the Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition (BUFC) to increase the urban tree canopy cover in the city by planting 100,000 trees by 2020. Planting these trees will increase Boston’s tree canopy cover from 29% to 35% by 2030 as the planted trees mature. As part of the GBG campaign, 1,000 trees will be planted throughout Boston neighborhoods by end of April 2008. If you want a tree, email or call DEHC 617-474-1478.

DotBike - advocacy for bicycling in Dorchester

A group of Dorchester bike riders attended a Fields Corner community open house in October as part of the Boston Bikes Summit of 2007. Out of that meeting, DotBike was formed - a community of cyclists who promote increased awareness, opportunity, and safety for bicycling in Dorchester through advocacy and bicycling events. DotBike strives to encourage and support commuter, recreational, sport and working cyclists in Dorchester. Check out for more on this group.

Neponset River cleanup project

The Neponset River Watershed Association is helping coordinate a river restoration project that directly affects Dorchester. In January 2008, the MA State Riverways Program and Division of Marine Fisheries presented the final results of a long awaited study on restoring the Neponset River. It is proposed that two historic dams be removed. The project will clean up high levels of toxic PCBs from the river bottom in Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park. It would also restore historic herring and shad runs to these neighborhoods and inland towns. There will be a community advisory committee working on this project. For further information, please call Ian Cooke at the NRWA, 781-575-0354, or visit

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