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"Dorchester Girl, 15, made "home run" for Babe's Autograph"

The attached photo was submitted by Peggy Anne Canty of Dorchester at the Dec 2 Road Show.

It shows a baseball signed by the great Babe Ruth, of Reverse-the-Curse fame, along with a newspaper clipping describing how Ms. Canty obtained the autograph as a teenager in 1947. 

 The second attached photo is of Contributor Peggy Anne Canty, who also recorded on videotape for us the whole story behind this great photo. 

This photo was one of 52 contributed by Lower Mills residents at the "Mass. Memories Road Show" organized by UMass Boston's Massachusetts Studies Project in collaboration with the Lower Mills Branch of the BPL, and  SCI Dorchester.

Lower Mills Road Show

The "Mass. Memories Road Show" at the BPL Lower Mills Branch Library last Saturday was wonderful! We received 52 great photos of Lower Mills from the distant and recent past, and all of the contributors, visitors, staff and volunteers enjoyed chatting, viewing the exhibit of Lower Mills postcard photographs organized by FOL member Nicole Manny, and swapping stories and memories about the Lower Mills neighborhood.  A delicious lunch was provided for the volunteers by the Common Ground Cafe.

 In subsequent blog entries, we'll be posting photos and stories from the Dorchester Road Shows - stay tuned!

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