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Calling Civic Minded Youth

Are you a teen between the ages of 12 and 18? Do you live in or near the Dorchester community? Would you like to be more actively involved in your community? Would you like to meet other actively involved teens?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Dorchester Youth Council is a great place for you. We have weekly meetings to discuss the issues going on in the community and find solutions to those problems through community service.

You will develop great leadership skills, build your social networks, get needed community service hours, and give back to your community all at the same.

To join the youth council, please contact Marisa Luse at 617-740-2242 or To learn more about the youth council and check out service schedule, visit us online at

Give Back Through Service

SCI Dorchester at DotWell is currently interview candidates to serve on the 2008-2009 AmeriCorps Team. 

At our Dorchester site, we are seeking seven civic minded individuals to help build social capital and increase civic engagement by engaging youth, leveraging volunteers, building bridges and connecting citizens to resources and services.

Last year's AmeriCorps team, engaged and trained over 2100 youth and adults in community service learning projects and practices; connected nearly 8,000 Dorchester residents to information and resources, and recruited over 200 community members to volunteer opportunties in the neighborhood.

Be a part of the team. Be the change you want to see in your community. If you are interested in making a difference and connecting the community through service, apply today:

Service Opportunities available:

Youth Program Coordinator

Outreach & Technology Coordinator

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Arts, Culture & Technology (ACT) Coordinator

Coordinator of Community Linkages

Community Capital Builder

For full descriptions, click on the link above or go to the dot board, then click on "employment". For more information, please send your cover letter and resume to , or via regular mail to Social Capital Inc., 165M New Boston Street, Suite 233, Woburn, MA 01801.  For more questions, please call 781-935-2244

Welcome Home, Status Quo











Join the celebration as Boston welcomes home one of its favorite Dance Crew, at the Reggie Lewis Track & Field Center today from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

SCI Dorchester had the great fortune of getting to know the leader, Ernest "E-Knock" Phillips and his crew in 2004 when they won first place in the Dorchester Idol Talent Show contest at the Great Hall in Codman Square.

Countdown to Tax Day: Don't Be A Victim

Tax season is always a busy and frustrating time for everyone. When it gets closer to the date (April 15), many people are forced to make rash decisions that may put a big dent in their wallets.

It is important for residents to be very familiar with these terms: tax preparation fees, rapid refunds, refund anticipation loans, interest rates and any other additonal fees. If you're not, it may cost you dearly.

Advice: Make sure to ask your preparer to see a list of fees or ask what kinds of charges should you anticipate before they prepare your taxes.

Did you know that there are four free tax clinics in the community?

ACORN 196 Adams St. Dorchester, MA 02122 Carolyn Martin p:(617) 436-7100 Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm

Codman Square Tech Center 450 Washington St. Dorchester, MA 02124 Jared Elosta p:(617) 822-8171 Hours: Mon and Wed, 6p-8:00p; Sat, 10a-2p (walk-in only)

Dorchester House 1353 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02122 Jared Elosta p:(617) 822-8171 Hours: Mon and Wed, 6p-8p; Sat, 9:30a-12p (walk-in only)

Dorchester NSC 110 Claybourne St. Dorchester, MA 02124 Kim Marshall p:(617) 288-2700 x 200 dnsc.htm Hours: Mon-Thurs 2-5pm, Sat 10am-1pm (appointment only--call first)

For more information, click here

Model Citizen Runs for Mayor of Dorchester

Gloria Vieira, a 2007 Model Citizen recipient and friend of SCI Dorchester, will be running for the Mayor of Dorchester. We cannot think of anyone more qualified for this community tradition. She is a dedicated community member, giving freely all her time and energy making a difference in the lives of everyone who calls Dorchester home. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, you have definitely benefited from her countless hours of service to this community. To learn ways you can support Gloria, click here. Every dollar raised is a vote and will benefit the Dorchester Day Parade. To nominate a 2008 Model Citizen, click here.

Super Tuesday

On Super Bowl Sunday, most New Englanders did not get the victory they wished for all season. However, Super Tuesday is another big day in Massachusetts to make your mark on history.

Get out and cast your vote for your Presidential hopeful.  Post a comment about your experience at the polls or at a candidate's rally.

Meet the Candidates


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barack Obama 

Mike Gravel


John McCain

Mitt Romney

Mike Huckabee

Ron Paul

The Primary will be held on Tuesday, February 5th. Polling stations will open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm. 

Voter Registration Information provides extensive information on how to register to vote, when elections are held, how to change your registration, and much more. Below you’ll find some information about how to register that was pulled from their website.

 VOTER REGISTRATION Eligibility: · Currently living in Massachusetts. No length of stay required · A U.S. citizen. · 18 years old by the date of the next election How to Register: · Fill out a voter registration card and mail to specified address. It must be postmarked at least 20 days prior to the election. o Cards are available at local library, from a town clerk, or online o · Visit your town hall to register When You Need an ID to Vote: · If you are a first time voter o If you are a first time voter who registered through the mail. · If you didn’t return census form o If you did not return your annual census form collected by every town and city in Massachusetts Acceptable forms of ID in MA: · Valid Photo Identification (Drivers License, State ID issued for Non-Drivers, Student ID, Passport) · Utility Bill (gas, electric, cable, oil, water -- no cell phone bills). · Recent Bank Statement · Government document like a paycheck stub You Need to Re-register if You: · Change your address · Change your name · Did not vote in two consecutive State Elections and have moved. State elections are held in every even year -- 2004, 2006, 2008 etc. If You Forget to Re-Register: · You may still at the polling place where you voted in the last election if you moved within the same city or town that you registered to vote. · If you moved to a new town or city, you may only vote at the old polling location if your move was in the six months before the election. If You Become a Citizen Less than 20 Days Prior to an Election: · As a new citizen, you may register to vote after the deadline. Go in person to the Election Department at City Hall up until 4 PM on the day before the election. You must bring your dated naturalization papers for them to copy. Choosing a Political Party, Unenrolled, or Other Designation: · Register in a Party o You may register to vote in one of the four parties in Massachusetts who have qualified for official party status--Democrat, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian or Republican. o Names and Contacts of parties and designations may be found at · Register with No Party Affiliation o In Massachusetts, you may list yourself as "Unenrolled" which means you do not have a party designation. · Another "Political Designation" o You can also choose from a party that is not considered an official party in Massachusetts. If you choose a separate party affiliation, unlike unenrolled, you may not vote in a major party primary (Democrat, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian or Republican). Being Unenrolled: · Being unenrolled in Massachusetts means that you are registered to vote but not a member of a party · You may still vote in a Democratic, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian,or Republican primary without affecting your “unenrolled” status · The only exception is once every four years in the Presidential primary. Your party affiliation is automatically changed to the party primary you vote in. To switch back to unenrolled” you have to fill out a party change card after voting. These cards are available at every polling location in a Presidential primary. ELECTION INFORMATION: Election Frequency: · City Elections - Odd Years o Non-Partisan City elections are held in the odd years 2005, 2007, 2009, etc. The preliminary election is in September to narrow the field to two candidates per seat. The Final Runoff Election is the first Tuesday in November. · State and Federal Elections - Even Years o Massachusetts and U. S. elections are held in the even years 2004, 2006, 2008, etc. The Primary election is in September. The General election is the first Tuesday in November. Who You Can Vote For: · City Elections:* o Mayor o City Council/ Alderman o School Committee *Offices and length of term vary · State Elections: o Statewide offices--Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State and State Auditor (4 year terms) o State Legislature--40 State Senators and 160 State Representatives (2 year terms) o Governor's Council--8 Members (2 year terms) o County Offices--District Attorney, Sheriff, Clerks of Court, County Commissioners, Registrar of Deeds, Registrar of Probate (terms vary) o Ballot Questions--Initiatives, Referenda, Constitutional Amendments, Local Advisory Public Policy Questions by House or Senate districts. · Federal Elections: o President/Vice-President (4 year term) o U.S. Senate (6 year term) o U.S. House of Representatives (2 year term) Where to Vote: · Where you vote depends on your street address. Use the link below to find out where you can vote. · http://www.wheredoivotemacom/bal/myelectioninfo.php If You Cannot Vote In Person the Day of an Election: Vote by Absentee Ballot: · Eligibility o If you will be out of your city or town on election day o Are physically unable to go the polls o Cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs How to Get an Absentee Ballot: · Apply in writing to your Election Department o Name o Address as registered o Address where you wish the absentee ballot sent o In a primary, the party ballot you want o Your signature Other Absentee Ballot Information: · A family member may apply for you. · If you wish to vote by absentee ballot for more than one election in a year you may make one application and request that ballots for all elections during that calendar year be sent to you. · If you vote by mail, make certain the application arrives at your election clerk early. Remember, the ballot must be mailed to you. · You may absentee vote in person by applying and voting at the same time for 2-3 weeks before an election. Call your election clerk to make certain that the absentee ballots are available. · You may vote at the Election Department office at City Hall or request that the ballot is mailed to you. The deadline for applying for an absentee ballot is noon of the day before the election.

Rescheduled: Mini-Grant Community RFP Meeting

Due to the snow storm, the Mini-Grant RFP Meeting is re-scheduled for next Thursday, December 20. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Grace Ejiwale at 617-822-8297 or

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

Do you have a great idea that could benefit Dorchester but do not have the means to do so? If yes, then you might be eligible for a mini-grant from the Dorchester Youth Council. The Dorchester Youth Council invites youth and youth programs to their 4th Annual Mini-Grant RFP Release Community Meeting. Each year, the Council invites individual youth and youth organizations out to learn about the mini-grant process. To be elegible, this project must be youth led, youth driven and must benefit Dorchester. Over the past three years, the Council has funded over 20 youth-led community service projects -- disseminating over $45,000 in the Dorchester community. Through this program, these youth-initated and implemented projects helped enrich the lives of many Dorchester youth and families. The community meeting will be hosted by the Boston Globe Foundation. The meeting will be held on December 13, 2007 from 6:30-8:30 in the Atrium Room. The Dorchester Youth council is a youth leadership program that civically engages youth and is a way for youth to get their ideas out and allows their voices to be heard. Major funding is provided by the Boston Globe Foundation, Boston Scientific Foundation and Sovereign Bank. For more information, please contact Grace -Ejiwale, Youth Program Coordinator, at 617-822-8297 or

Help Dorchester Residents Save Some Cash

DotWell Civic Health is gearing up for another exciting tax season and we need your help. Our free tax preparations sites at both the Codman Square Tech Center and Dorchester House are volunteer-driven. Volunteers prepare taxes, greet taxpayers as they arrive, and help taxpayers fill out intake materials. We need volunteers who will be able to volunteer 3 hours a week during tax season, mid-January to mid-April. If you can’t commit for the entire tax season, we need the most help mid-January to the end of February. We need volunteers to either prepare taxes or screen taxpayers and help them fill out intake forms. Trainings for new volunteers will be held in January, and trainings for returning volunteers will begin in December. You can register at the following website: Also Codman Square Tech Center at 450 Washington St. will be hosting training for new volunteers on Saturday, January 5. To learn more about the city-wide tax coalition that DotWell is a part of, go to

Clemente Blog

In speaking with Clemente student Carla Smith
she expressed her comments of the classes which
are exciting, full of energy, 100% class participation and an dynamic learning experience.
As a former scholar of Clemente I fully understand
her enthusiasm of learning. I commend on your
committment to persevere.

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