Dorchester Trolley Tour Nov. 26

On Saturday, November 26, the Dorchester Holiday Celebrations Committee Trolley Tour will be making ten stops at tree lightings in the community of Dorchester! The tree lightings tour starts at 3:00 p.m. and makes the following stops:

3:10 - Lower Mills @ Lower Mills Apartments (Dorchester Ave).
3:30 - Port Norfolk @ Redfield (Daniel Emmet O’Connor Square).
4:00 - Harbor Point (entrance off of Mt. Vernon Street).
4:30 - Meetinghouse Hill @ Rev.
Allen Park (corner of Adams and Winter).
5:00 - Upham’s Corner @ the Strand Theatre.
5:30 - Blessed Mother Teresa Church (formerly St. Margaret’s, 800
Columbia Road).
6:00 - Savin Hill @ Ryan Playground (Dorchester Ave).
6:30 - Fields Corner @ Park Street and Dorchester Ave.
7:00 - King Street Playground (Corner of King St and Adams St).
7:30 - Peabody Square @ North Plaza Ashmont Station (corner of Ashmont and Dorchester Ave)

For more information about Dorchester tree lightings on this and other dates, contact Christopher English or see The Dorchester Reporter's website.