Dorchester Park Association (DPA)

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Dorchester Park Association
P.O. Box 240081
Dorchester, MA 02124


Dorchester Park in Dorchester, Massachusetts was established in 1891. Having changed size over subsequent years, it remains a beautiful part of the community. Please take the opportunity to explore our website; you'll learn a lot about Dorchester Park's history and future. You'll also discover a variety of events held for the community throughout the year.
In recent years, dwindling resources have prevented Boston Parks and Recreation from taking a proactive role in maintaining Dorchester Park. The Park Association has done what it could to fill the gaps. However, experience has shown us that volunteers and free public resources are inadequate to the task.

To assess the scope of the Park's problems, the DPA obtained preliminary reports from two landscape and forest management specialists. We learned we face two tasks – restoration to undo damage that has accumulated through years of neglect, and maintenance to preserve those gains and to enhance the forest.


Dorchester Park
Dorchester, MA 02124
United States
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