Missing Cats

I have been in the hospital and rehab since June 27, 2007 recovering from Breast Cancer Surgery. I had a masectomy. I was just informed that my two cats some how got out of my apartment.

They were lost at the corner of Charles Street and Geneva Ave., I live alone and I was so looking forward to going home to them.

If anyone has seen them, please let me know. You can call the First Parish Church in Dorchester at 617-436-0527.

They are a brother and sister. Ginger and Sandy. Ginger is scared of strangers. They are just under 1 year old. They both orange and white.

My own Piece of Art!

I chose to pick this piece of art to be the social butterfly for the website because it looks as though it is flying and connecting with the world. As you can see there is a speed of light like a fast internet process. The butterfly is talking and socializing with everyone.

What is happeing to the Youth of Boston when they lose Hope?

When the citizen schools program was closed along with other youth opportunity programs, because of the fact that one man made the decision of exterminating the programs to fund law enforcement, the tables turned dramatically. The tables really turned because people, in general, these days want money. Who wants to come to school in the same clothes you left with when the school doors closed?

Nobody! Everyone wants to come through those school doors looking their best. If job opportunity's aren't there, what do people expect people, young people, to do? Just sit around and wait for a circle of sympathy to bring their violins of understanding and fake hugs? You know and i know what many would do. They would turn to the streets because to them that is the only opportunity that they have to make money.

Why? This is happening because 4 million dollars of Youth opportunity money was given to law enforcement. Look at the cycle people. No jobs for youth and they would be on the streets. The money is used to supply mor cops and lock up young people on the streets. It is not their fault that they were not given any support from the government or the adults who are supposed to be rolemodels and teaching them the good deals in life. Why should they loose hope over money?

August 2, 2007

Yesterday, We the Dorchester Outreach Team Leaders introduced the website to the BYF Interns and discussed some of the issues that are facing the youth in the community and how they can use the website to help address some of the issues that face the community. Afterwards we went to the Fields Corner neighborhood and did community outreach letting the community know about so that we can get others involved and they can also start to connecting the dots in their community and build social capital.

Let There Be peace on Earth an let begin with you

Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park- a GREAT event!

For those of you who have attended the playhouse in the park events, I'm sure you'd agree that it is quite the hidden treasure in the pool of free stuff to do in Boston. Big Sister was there two weeks ago and got a great response from community members. We hope to see you again next week for another great concert!

Big Sister

Codman Square Branch Library

"Your key to the Past, the Present, and the Future."

Dialup access to the Internet and Wireless Internet Services

The Codman Square Branch Library extends a warm welcome to the community. Patrons of all ages will enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by our helpful staff. The library collection includes Classic Literature,DVDs and Videos, Best Selling Fiction, Reference and Non-fiction Materials,Large Print Books, and Current Magazines. We also offer books on tape. Visit the library for research, to borrow a book or to find a quiet corner for reading.

A Day's Worth:)

Today was a very fun day. Me and my friend Shayna went out into the community to get organization/ businessess to register to our website which is We did not acheive to make it to every organization, but we certainly got most businesse's involved which were stores such as payless, citizens bank, subway and local clothes shops in Codman square. I practically enjoyed myself today because I don't really get to be out in the community as much but I have seen and visited some places that I have never been to before. This was really indeed  day's worth!

What I do with SCI Dorchester.

Me and 5 other DOT leaders are spending our summer to helping to build the community of Dorchester. We do that by our website, is a website that serves as a Dorchester first web-guide to different organizations that are with in the Dorchester community. We are focused on the following neighborhoods, Bowdoin/Geneva, Fields Corner and Codmans Square. The website allows for Organizations to post services and events that they have to offer to the community.

The six of us go into these neighborhoods and we try to connect the organization on to our website. We do this by scheduling connection session. Connection sessions are when we go out to organizations and we help for them to get connected and register to our website. So that they will be able to post events in to our event calendar, post blogs so that they can write to the people of the community what’s going on within there neighborhoods, and they can also search our website to see what other organization have to offer the community.

Asian Fashion






To be continued.

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