DYC TV (Dorchester Youth Council Teen Vision) is a new initiative of the Dorchester Youth Council. DYC TV is designed to be an outlet for young people to share jobs,opportunities and information. DYC TV will be the voice of the Dorchester Youth Council and other youth organizations who want to engage in community service and civic engagement initiatives.


Dorchester Youth Call for Safety

Define your corner of the Dot!

I kid you not.....two years ago I used to cry and dreamed of moving out of this wretched place that is Dorchester, in particular Fields Corner.Ouch. That was harsh. Or just honest.  I had no idea what wonderful coffee they had in Balle, the convenience of having post office, library, banks, restaurants, open space amongst other amenities in a 1.5 mile stretch. I had no idea of the humans behind the titles at our many organizations and groups.

Just last week I celebrated two years of living in the Dot. Perhaps as a reminder of what my new home was, I had too many events, activities, initiatives etc going on to list them here. You see, the difference with how I felt two years ago has little to do with major changes to the Dot....I'm sure there have been some changes in this short time.Instead, it was me being conscious about my relationship with my space, after all, my fellow geography majors in college and I used to call our selves Spatial Engineers.  I made a decision to help define, and if not, at least participate in shaping my neighborhood.

Last night for example, I attended the Fields Corner Main Streets First annual fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars. Of course I had little to do with the planning of the stellar event, but I attended. I owned the event as my neighborhood fundraiser. Hey, that counts for something.Then there’s the City Spotlights at the center formerly called the Wang, tonight. There’s the Mother’s Walk for Peace on Sunday, [I usually don’t walk for anything]. But because I’m doing the whole, owning and support piece I’ll be there. Besides, if you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem.

My point is, it’s easy to criticize and despise a place simply because you are not a part of the process. It s easier to blame them than it is to celebrate with us! Stand up, speak up and define your corner of the Dot!  


Pave Your Yard, Kill a Tree

Folks - this is happening in Dorchester as well...

Illegal parking lots pockmark Brighton neighborhood
Boston Globe | January 14, 2007

Tipster Phillip Tackel tells GlobeWatch that life in his Brighton neighborhood is a little like the lament from that Joni Mitchell song: "They've paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Tackel said he has been pestering city officials unsuccessfully for years about a rash of homeowners near Cleveland Circle who have decided to solve the area's parking crunch by paving their yards and putting in illegal parking lots.

More than a dozen homes on Englewood Avenue , Kilsyth Road , Kinross Road , Lanark Road , Selkirk Road , Sutherland Road , Strathmore Road , and Wallingford Road have cleared front, side, or back yards to accommodate often up to 12 vehicles at a single address, said Tackel. A recent visit by a Globe reporter found some had painted dividing lines on pavement to make the lots appear legitimate, while others simply squeezed cars on dirt and grass against the home's foundation.

City zoning laws require property owners to get a permit before altering their driveways or homes.

Tackel notes that City Weekly wrote about the problem in 2003, but said things have only gotten worse since then. "It's about greed," Tackel said of absentee landlords with once large, single-family homes that have been turned into condominiums or apartments. Street parking is scarce and homeowners have been unable to resist the lure of extra cash by renting illegal spaces for $150-$200 a month each, he said.

Enforcement officers are out "every once in a while" to cite homeowners, said Tackel, but the fines are not large enough to deter most from continuing the practice.

"It diminishes the quality of life here," said Tackel. "Who wants to live facing a parking lot?"

A code enforcement officer from the city's Inspectional Services Division visited Tackel's neighborhood Wednesday and issued citations to 14 homeowners for violating the city's zoning ordinance, said Captain Michael Mackan, who oversees code enforcement.

During an evening inspection of the same area on Dec. 14, enforcement officers found more than 100 cars parked in illegally enlarged driveways and parking lots, said Mackan. Some vehicles blocked sidewalks or were unregistered and abandoned. They issued 14 citations to these landlords and fined them $150 a piece. Fines jumped to $300 each for last week's round of tickets because it was the second violation for most in the last 12 months, said Mackan, who blames absentee landlords renting apartments to college students.

Violators have 21 days to either pay the fine or file an appeal with the state Housing Court, where the case is brought before a clerk magistrate, he said.

Though vehicles were parked in illegal lots, the cars' owners were not fined. "It's up to property owners to maintain their property up to state" building, zoning, and sanitary codes, said Lisa Timberlake, a department spokeswoman. Timberlake said the department has held many community meetings to inform residents of the law. "If you're renting, you need to inform tenants of what's allowable," she said.

Officers will be stepping up surveillance of the neighborhood, checking the area twice a week if needed, said Mackan. "If we find out we have to be more aggressive, we will," he said.

William Good, commissioner
Inspectional Services Department
1010 Mass. Ave., 5th floor, Boston, MA 02118

May Is Peace Month

Click here for

Peace Month

Calendar of Events

SCI AmeriCorps Positions Available

SCI is recruiting 19 AmeriCorps members to serve between September 2007 and June 2008, and will build social capital at various sites across our three communities in Woburn, Dorchester, and Lynn. 9 members will serve in the Dorchester community at SCI Dorchester site in partnership with DotWell.

Click here for full details and application instructions.

Click here to see a complete list of service and employment opportunities with SCI.

Annual Science Fair

Smith Leadership Academy
Presents the…

SLA Annual Science Fair

You are cordially invited to attend the SLA Annual Science Fair! This community event will showcase the months of hard work and effort our student scientists have put into their science fair experiments. In addition to viewing student work, we will feature hands-on science activities, interactive demos, science & math games, and a bake sale.

Come with family and friends to support this event!

Thursday, May 10
6:00-8:00 pm

For more information: 617.474.7950
Volunteers Needed!


Model Citizen

The Model Citizen Award is an annual award presented to individuals who contribute their talent and time to the community.

Each recipient is nominated by an individual or an organization with whom they serve and dedicate their time. The ceremony was held at Standish Village, an assisted living facility in Lower Mills. 

 This year’s 2007 Model Citizen Award finalist were: Kadani Abadi and Lynn Lazar nominated by Louis D. Brown Peace Institute; Rosanne Foley nominated by DotWell; Kim Howard nominated by Jain Ruvidich-Higgins of UMass Boston; Shelia Larson nominated by daughter Sarah Larson; Carla Smith nominated by SCI Dorchester; Gloria-Ann Vieira nominated by Jose Cruz, SCI Dorchester and the Peace Institute. Patsy Williams and Stan Williams nominated by The Franklin Park Coalition, and Val Woumn nominated by Terri Smith of Bank of America.

In addition, SCI Dorchester presented its service members with a special Model Citizens Service Award to Leah Moschella, Massachusetts Promise Fellow Youth Program Coordinator and Eliza Wilson, Fund Development & Marketing Americorps VISTA.
The event was a wonderful celebration of the sprit of volunteerism, community service and civic engagement.

Special guest speaker, Professor Joan Arches of UMass Boston remarked, “The University [UMass Boston] has a duty to be civically engaged in Dorchester and that through service, the University and community can learn a lot from each other, which is the essence of service learning.” Vice Chancellor for Athletics, Recreation, Special Projects and Programs, Charlie Titus echoed Professor Arches’ sentiments and took a moment to reflect on his career, which began in service. Titus also expressed his admiration for the “great work that SCI Dorchester does to connect the community”.

Gloria Ann Vieira, a 2007 Model Citizen recipient and active Dorchester leader stated, “I felt honored to receive the model citizen award from SCI Dorchester because my peers nominated me and they think its important to do good for your community. Volunteering is good a thing and giving back to your neighborhood is even better.  When I see something that I have worked on with others come to fruition and it makes all the volunteering I do more than worthwhile.

DOT- Shot

DOT-Shot: Capturing Dorchester

A photograph submitted by Dorchester residents that show a favorite moment, scene or place in Dorchester

Can you guess where this week's DOT-Shot was taken?

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Elephant Sunscreen

Living near the equator, Elephants spend their lives in the sun. As you can see from the video above, they also understand the need for protection and regularly spread mud over their skin as a form of sunscreen. Regardless of your latitude, everyone experiences exposure to the Sun’s damaging rays.

While everyone knows about sunscreen (you should use SPF 30+ and re-apply several times throughout the day!), did you realize that your clothing has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as well?

Forced by the presence of the ozone hole, Australians developed a rating system for sun protective clothing. Through laboratory testing with Ultra-Violet (UV) light, they determined that darker, tight-knit or tight-weaved clothing posses a higher sun protection factor. While some manufacturers such as Coolibar design sun protective clothing, you can make your regular clothing more protective by adding SunGaurd to your laundry.

The sun may have a bad rap, but it provides benefits for the body as well through the synthesis of Vitamin D. In fact, 20 minutes of sun exposure produces the same amount of Vitamin D as 100 glasses of milk!

While it would be reckless to expose oneself to the sun unprotected between 10AM – 4PM, it may be beneficial to give yourself limited exposure (no more than 20 minutes) either early in the morning or late in the evening to catch up on Vitamin D…

So remember, do as the Elephants do, and protect yourself!

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