Picnic in the Park: Jeanniemack, Jul. 11

JeanniemackPicnic in the Park is a program that offers an opportunity for children, teens, and families to join together with our Seniors to share knowledge & experiences while enjoying music, crafts, and other activities.

On July 11, Jeanniemack will be performing at Garvey Park at 6 p.m. Jeanniemack is a “song-maker” for kids. Jeanniemack plays guitar and harmonica and performs songs for children aged 1 to 7 at public events, corporate events, festivals, fairs, libraries, schools, and private parties. Jeanniemack uses her own originals, the traditional favorites and songs by leading kids’ artists. She writes and chooses material for kids that will draw them out, urge them to participate, and thoroughly entertain them. The playful rhymes and humorous tidbits that she includes in her performances are designed to tickle their funny bones.