Dorchester's beaches

Dorchester has some great beachfront - at Tenean, Savin Hill and Malibu - but not many use it. Seems there is a perception that the water is dirty. Back in July 2004, the Dorchester Reporter ran an article discussing some of the barriers to beach use. A more recent June 2007 Boston Globe editorial with some of the findings of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, co-chaired by Senator Jack Hart  suggests better maintenance will help. I believe a group of determined activists, of which there are many in Dorchester, if they formed an active 'Dorchester Beaches Partnership' could figure out how to use programs like kayaking and kite fests to bring vibrancy back to our beaches. Anyone out there share this belief?


Save the Date - Aug 16th, Dorchester Beach Festival

All Dorchester is invited to come & enjoy the beach! Check back for details...