Can You Connect the DOT?

Connecting the DOT is a summer technology initiative to connect the Dorchester community to the first community website dedicated to building social capital and increasing civic engagement in the Dorchester community -

Every week, there will be an opportunity to win a cool prize for joining the growing online community of users building Dorchester one click at a time. Click here to learn how.

Create a guide entry to the neighborhood guide, post a community event to the community calendar, or promote a program, job or service on the dot board.

SCI Dorchester has combined two of their major program elements - developing leadership skills of young people and utilizing technology to connect citizens - in order to meet pressing community needs in Dorchester this summer.

Through the Opportunity for Unity Collaborative initiated by the Boston Globe Foundation, SCI Dorchester will hire 6 youth (DOT leaders) ages 18-12 from the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. These youth will work for eight weeks in July and August helping with web development and community outreach in Bowdoin Geneva, Codman Square, and Fields Corner.

This summer, the DOT leaders will: 1) learn technical skills for web content creation and management using the open source program Drupal; 2) find ways for to reduce violence amongst their peers; 3) learn and apply community leadership and marketing skills as they conduct outreach for the project; and 4) and expand the number of organizational listings from 150 to 500 and register 500 new users by the end of the summer.

To learn more about Connecting the DOT, click here.

Or, to meet the team behind Connect the DOT and help them reach their goal.

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