Elma Lewis Playhouse in The Park

This was the event of the week and if you missed it, you missed it. The music made everyone want to dance and it did. People sang along to James Brown's lyric's "We're gonna take it higher!" Together, the community swayed like flowers in a field. The feeling of togetherness was in the air. It was picture perfect. The dogs we're runnin around, the children we're playing football or tag; and the adults, with no worry, were enjoying some good ol' music that indeed for that moment took us higher.

MUSICIANS WERE MAKING THEIR INSTRUMENTS SING. The saxaphone was screaming "If you want you, it can happen." The spirit of unity was in the air. There was no such thin as black and white because they were in the spirit of music. When his lips touched the tip of the piece, arms were swinging from side to side and people got down.

We ended the night with a unity hug. Everyone was happy and so was i. The next time there is an event in Dorchester, you should come. What can i say?