Citizen of the Month


Chester on Harvest Ave

Chester is our neighbor. We don't even know his last name! But, he is always so helpful and humble about what he does. Without us asking, he graciously shovels our driveway when it snows. He always lets us know when our car light is on, or if our GPS is in plain view and asking to be stolen. Today he even stopped by to find a solution to our fence, which gets in the way of elderly people using the sidewalk. He knows all that is going on in Dorchester and told us about the community meeting and parking permits. We are very grateful for all the unsung deeds that Chester does and we hope to recognize his kindness.

Dirk: The Citizen Of The Month

Dirk you are the citizen of the month.  We have had a reasonable winter how ever, there has been some, cold days.   January 3, 2008 was a cold bitter day and two women were stranded. Dirk to the rescue, He pulled up in his big red truck.  In a matter of minutes Dirk had pulled out his jumper cables and assisted the two women in getting their car started.  Thanks Dirk for going out of your way to help some fellow citizens from being stranded in another town, on a cold bitter day. This is truly the kind of grassroots civic engagement we would like to see more of.  This is connecting citizen’s doing one good deed at a time. Good deeds can heal the hearts of people and reconnect people to one-another, so continue thoses good deeds in 2008.

Good Samaritans

To all the personnel that help the people that were stuck with their cars on the road during the snowstorm or after the storm so that they could be able to get home safely, your act of kindness did not go unnoticed. You are the Citizens of the Week.

Acts of kindness

Tena Dendy, staff member of the CyberShop is totally awesome. As the winter season is truly upon us, one can really appreciate a person with a spirit such as Tena's. On December 4th it was perhaps the coldest day thus far. She serviced a customer who had quite a bit of running back and forth between the CyberShop and the post office.
He was an older gentleman bundled up tight to shield himself from the windy and frigid cold. On his last trip she ask him if he was heading back to work, and he replied "no, I'm going home" She asked which way does he go? He replied, "to Roxbury." She said it's cold out, let me give you a ride. He was so grateful! He then confessed he needed to make one more trip to the post office. Then she said, "if you do it quickly, I'll wait for you. And she did.

What the world needs are more good people like Tena.

Christmas is about civic engagment

Dawn Martin was one of the first to come aboard with the idea,"adopt a family for Christmas".Thanks Dawn this is the Christmas spirit, helping one another.

Start Small

As I (John) was about to go catch a train there was a man standing at the station, and he did not have the money to pay the fare to get on board. He asked if I could give him some money to be able to purchase a fare ticket, I told him that I will pay for his fare and afterward I learned from him that he was trying to a shelter. That night he could have been in the cold, however, because of the small good deed that was not the case. Start being faithful with the small good deeds and you will be able to do greater deeds.  

Mr. Bear volunteers his

Mr. Bear volunteers his transportation service to disable residents s to get to work. This is a great example of civic engagement. We appreciate his contribution to the community. You are the citizen of the week.

George Martinez

George Martinez, a hip-hop artist and US cultural envoy to Bolivia, took the time out of his busy schedule to address the SCI volunteers at the Dotwell location at 450 Washington Street in Dorchester. He shared his experience as an activist using hip-hop in an innovative new approach as a teaching tool. He also took the time to share some of his insight regarding issues of civic engagement. Thank you Honorable George Martinez for giving bake to the community some of your knowledge.

Great Work Jeannie

Jeannie Do, a member of the SCI Dorchester youth council took the extra time to help out with, the 4th annual trick-or-treat canned food drive. Jeannie’s civic engagement came in handy. She assisted in the preparation, by folding over 500 flyers. These flyers will assist in getting resourceful information out to the Dorchester community. This can drive drive will benefit the food pantry at the Codman Square Pantry, Dorchester House Pantry and the pantry at the Full Life Gospel Church. Thanks Jeannie, your civic engagement was appreciated.

Don and Kathy to the rescue!!!!!

Don and Kathy are community members that went out of there way to assist an fellow man. This person is a member of the Dorchester community.He is trying to do the right thing. Rob is a hard working African American male who just needed a little help. After all that is what connecting citizen,s is all about. Advancing to the call of our civic duty when we see a need, such as assisting there fellow man. The two civic minded women of valor helped Rob secure a ride to work.This allowed Rob to be able to keep his job, and not have to walk late at night throw a high crime area.Kathy and Don you are the example of a civic engaged citizen keep up the good work.

Harrishof Street neighbors

My family and I recently moved back to the Grove Hall area of Dorchester, two streets down from my childhood stomping grounds and on the same street as my husband. We are now living in a community were there are many new faces on the street and a few old faces that have known our family for years. We were a little apprehensive about moving back but we received a warm welcome on moving day. Several neighbors helped us move items from the moving truck and into the house. I dropped my wallet next to the car the night before and another neighbor found it and return it to my husband the next day. Things are never perfect anywhere you live, but it is surely nice to know that we have some old and new friends in the neighborhood. Our family is truly thankful to the Harrishof Street neighbors for reminding us what community really means. By: Marisa

Greer Toney

Greer Toney the operator of the Chez Vous roller rink, is taking a stand against the violence and crime in her community. She organized a community meeting at her establishment in order to address the social problems that are affecting the youth. By doing so, she has created an important dialog between our young people and community leaders.

Thank you Ms. Toney for standing up for our youth and increasing social capital.

Giovanni the Taxi Guy

Giovanni.... [I may have even spelt his name wrong] lives and works in Fields Corner. He operates a taxi from the parking lot at the mall and lives within walking distance of the Vietnamese Community Center. Last year at the second staging of the Fields Corner Community Celebration he turned up not only to volunteer but with drinks, water and ice in tow.

A year later, two week ends ago at the 3rd annual celebration I pass by Giovanni on my way to set up for the event. Casually invites him. To my pleasant surprise he turns up once again with…you guessed it drinks, water and ice in tow. It was nearly 90 degrees out and we had nearly run out.

A warm personality, pleasant smile and helping hands….define this Dot Citizen!

Be sure to stop by and say hi to him.......

Soul Food

Mrs. Jones, the owner of Mrs. Jones Soul Food restaurant, gave the DOT Leaders free drinks and soul food for a very great deal. Out of the kindness of her heart she gave us some great food for a great price. The ribs were delicious. They weren't overcooked and they weren't raw. It was like a perfect day,everything was just right. If anyone wants to get their food just right, head on down there. Don't forget to try their homemade smash potatoes, it's a "hidden jewel".

Congrats Mrs. Jones! You made our tummy's day.

Mrs. Jones

I review restaurants for a local Web site and ended up going to Mrs. Jones a couple of times over the past few weeks to check it out. The second time I went, I ordered the brisket sandwich, but they only had a little brisket left. The owner offered to give me a free dinner to go along with the brisket. I declined the offer, but she insisted, and eventually got me to accept a pork chop dinner along with the brisket.

The owner had no idea that I was a restaurant reviewer, so she wasn't playing favorites here; she was simply doing it out of the goodness of her heart, and that alone (well, in addition to the wonderful food) is why I'll continue to go back to Mrs. Jones even after I write a review of the restaurant.

Connecting the Dot

Derrick James, a Fields Corner resident, share a great resource with his three friends. He introduced his friends to the IDA program. Derrick learned about this oppurtunity through a civic health workshop at 450 Washington. He then shared this with three friends of need. Through this program students heading into college get a step up financially. Particapants get two dollars for every dollar they save up two $1,500. Derrick also made it a case that to bother these friends to make sure they pass their applications in.

Thanks, Derrick

Money Back

Ellis Marshall, a Dorchester resident, did an amazing thing on Wednesday night. He was at a local pizza shop getting with his friends and ordered the #1. The cashier was not paying attention when giving him change, he was given his change and his money back. Seeing it was incorrect, he hesitated giving the money back, however he gave it back knowing that the best thing to do would be giving the money back. In return the cashier said thank you, smiled and was grateful for his honesty.

Congratulations, Ellis! You saved her from paying out of pocket.