Fields Corner Litter Assessments

On Saturday, November 11, 2006 members of the Dorchester Youth Council participated in the first of three Fields Corner Litter Assessments as part of a year-long Anti-Litter Campaign. Earlier in the week, the council members participated in a training and discussion focusing on litter in Dorchester. This discussion focused on that issues facing litter in the community, specifically, what litter is, what are the most common litter items, and there was some discussion of what might lead one to litter or not litter.

Six Youth Council members then dedicated their Saturday morning to hit the streets of Fields Corner to do a complete assessment of the trash items in the area. In teams of two, the teens spent two hours tallying and documenting the amount of cigarette butts, gum, candy wrappers, and other littered items in twenty-three segments of the neighborhood.

This assessment is the first step in a campaign involving a partnership with the SCI Dorchester Youth Council and Fields Corner Main Streets made possible through a grant from Boston Walkable Main Streets as part of a larger effort to increase people walking through the community.