Birds & Bards Festival, May 13-15

Family friendly activities all weekend at Franklin Park, Boston Nature Center, Arnold Arboretum and Forest Hills Cemetery.

Festival Kick-off is Thursday, May 13th 6:30pm-9:30pm at Forest Hills Cemetery. Enjoy a Twilight bird walk, improvisational jazz, and noted naturalist author, Peter Alden.

Birding Events in Franklin Park: -
Friday, May 14th 7:00am - Early Morning Bird Walk - Meet at Resting Place (Shattuck Picnic Grove)

Saturday, May 15th 4:30pm - 6:00pm - Family Bird Walk (Shattuck Picnic Grove) with storyteller, artist, and bird sighter extraordinaire, Stephen Baird from the Emerald Necklace Bird Club.

Franklin Park Coalition | P.O. Box 302333 | Boston, MA 02130 | 617.442.4141