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Since 2000, Northeastern University has hosted the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Program. Originally created through a partnership with America’s Promise and the Corporation for National and Community Service, Fellowship members are committed and talented individuals dedicated to building a better future for children and youth. A Program Director and Director of Training and Evaluation located in the Center of Community Service coordinate the activities of 30 full-time Massachusetts Promise Fellows serving in communities across the Commonwealth. OUR SERVICE As a group, Fellows work toward five specific Performance Measures. These are well-defined objectives developed in partnership with our host-sites and funders. All Fellow projects align with one (or more) of the following Performance Measures (summarized): 1) Youth Leadership Development - Fellows will work closely with and support emerging youth leaders as the young people develop and implement a variety of activities, programs, and projects that benefit their community. 2) Mentoring - Fellows will develop new mentoring programs and expand upon current mentoring programs in an effort to establish and support new mentor/mentee matches. 3) After-School Enrichment - Fellows will develop and lead out of school enrichment activities (i.e., adventure programming, service-learning projects, tutoring, athletics) for young people. 4) Youth Outreach and Education - Fellows will coordinate and lead education and outreach efforts (i.e., newsletters, websites, seminars, summits, workshops, dances) to inform and educate young people on a variety of issues and topics (i.e., sex education, health care access, nutrition, substance abuse prevention, diversity awareness, conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS, legal rights, mental health). 5) Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination– All Fellows will actively recruit, train, and manage volunteers that will serve to support their project and the mission of their host organization.


Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
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Key Partners: 

The Massachusetts Service Alliance generates an ethic of service throughout the Commonwealth by creating and supporting diverse, high quality service and volunteer opportunities for all age groups, resulting in stronger communities and more active citizens. America’s Promise, founded by Gen. Colin Powell, mobilizes people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of our nation's youth by fulfilling Five Promises: 1) Caring adults in their lives, as parents, mentors, tutors, coaches 2) Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours 3) Healthy start and future 4) Marketable skills through effective education 5) Opportunities to give back through community service The Corporation for National and Community Service works with governor-appointed state commissions, non-profits, faith-based groups, schools, and other civic organizations to provide opportunities for Americans of all ages to serve their communities. Their AmeriCorps program, the domestic Peace Corps, engages more than 50,000 Americans in intensive, results-driven service each year.

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Apply for fellowship positions through or call 617 373 7881 for more information.

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