$5 Food Challenge Oct. 23

Think healthy, delicious cooking has to be expensive? The Dorchester Community Food Co-op invites you to the $5 Healthy Dish Challenge! Bring a $5 dish to this Potluck Dinner that can serve 2 - 4 people, using only $5 of ingredients. Show off your creation and share it with friends and neighbors!

Think you're the best cook in Dorchester? Prove it! Enter your dish in the contest component of the $5 Healthy Dish Challenge. Dorchester Comedian Debra Farrar-Parkman will lead a panel of Dorchester Restaurant Chefs in choosing the tastiest $5 dish entered into the contest.

Prizes are awarded for the best dishes! Need some ideas, or just want some recipes you can make on your own? Here's a few examples.

The event will take place Sunday, October 23rd, 5-7 p.m. at the Second Church in Dorchester, Codman Square, 600 Washington Street

Admission is free, just bring a dish to share or enter into the contest! For more information, or to sign up for the contest, visit http://dotcommcoop.wordpress.com/ or contact Sarah Cadorette.