Upham's Corner Improvement Association





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The Upham's Corner Improvement Association is an organization from many cultures whose membership seeks to improve the:

1. The image of our community
2. The quality of life in our community
3. The relationships we have with our neighboring communities
  • Our motto is "Upham's Corner Shines" and is meant to suggest cleanliness, beauty and an attractive community where everyone feels important and welcome.
  • We believe that cooperation begins with effective relationships.  We will be developing our relationships through an attitude of thoughtfulness, love and respect.
  • We will seek to effect change by demonstrating through our own actions and by engaging others in active participation.
  • We are an organization committed to action.  Every "meeting" will be an opportunity to make progress, not just talk.
  • By taking one small step every day/week, and by encouraging the people around us to do the same, we can make a big difference.
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