Give Back @ The Grill Monday Wine Club supports Dorchester Food Co-op in January

ASHMONT GRILL’s innovative Give Back @ The Grill program enters its second year by supporting the Dorchester Community Food Coop throughout the month of January. How ? 

Proceeds of its Monday Night Wine Club will be donated directly to the Food Coop - $5 out of every $38 four-course wine tasting sold on Monday nights during January. 
January's Monday Night Wine Club events feature small plates of seasonal fare (purchased at the Dorchester Winter Farmers' Market!) paired with: New World wines (Jan. 2), Jean Bousquet of Argentina (Jan. 9), Italian Reds vs. Whites (Jan. 16), Viva La France (Jan. 23) and the Pacific Northwest (Jan. 30).
Wine Club starts at 6:30 PM. Call for reservations!
ASHMONT GRILL, 555 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester, MA
617-825-4300  ~