Learn to grow food in your yard, on your porch and inside of your home at Spring Planting 2012


Greetings Green Friends,
Spring Planting 2012 is coming up soon! Come out and learn how you can grow food in your yard, on your porch and inside your home!
The Green Neighbors Education Committee, Inc. and the Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. will be hosting a FREE event on Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM. It will be in Harambee Park (AKA Franklin Field) in Dorchester near the Perkins Community Center at 155 Talbot Avenue.
There will be information tables, workshops and demonstrations on ways that you can grow plants including food plants.
Workshops include:
Landless Garden: Build a garden in 2 square feet of space! Laurel Valchuis.
The Landless Garden is an urban gardening method that uses a burlap bag, gravel, sticks and soil. It only takes up 2 square feet of space and can be placed almost anywhere there is sunshine including a porch, roof, or even a parking spot. The materials are cheap, and at the end of the season everything (sans gravel) can be composted. Come learn how to build one of these gardens for your own space and enjoy fresh veggies all summer!
Home composting with worms! Gerald Robbins.
Learn the basics of creating your own compost by feeding food scraps to worms that you raise! The compost they provide is a great organic fertilizer.
Container gardening tips and techniques! Massachusetts Certified Master Gardener, 
Laurinda LeCain, and The Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association 
How to turn a 5 gallon plastic container into a self-watering container garden". Easy, creative and inexpensive. We will take an ordinary 5-gallon bucket that is usually available for free from many sources and convert it into a self-watering container garden. 
This event is free to the public. The presenters are all volunteers who have great information to share with you and your families.
Live plants are beautiful, soothing, clean the air, provide oxygen and can produce food for you as well. 
Come and learn how to get green and leafy at home!
Owen Toney
Green Neighbors Education Committee, Inc.
281 Humboldt Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02121
(617) 427-6293