ONEin3 Boston serves the one-third of Boston's population that is between the ages of 20 and 34. The program connects Boston's young adults with resources related to home buying, business development, professional networking, and civic engagement.

Key Partners: 

City of Boston, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Key Programs Offered: 

Boston Young Entrepreneurs; This group serves the needs of growth companies and start-ups with a Boston base. BYE meets once a month to provide constructive feedback on business plan presentations and also put on educational seminars on topics of interest to young companies. Your are welcome to attend and tap into Boston's entrepreneurial community.

ONEin3 Neighborhood Groups; The Neighborhood Groups build civic engagement through community-based social activity. There are Groups active in many of Boston's neighborhoods, and they each put on a handful of events a year. You are welcome to join us in your neighborhood or to explore a new one through these gatherings.

ONEin3 Mayor's Advisory Council; The Council is comprised of five subcommittees (Jobs and Careers, Housing, Young Families, Social and Cultural Life, and Civic Engagement) whose members are selected eaach year through an application process. The Council meets monthly to develop program and policy recommendations that are presented to the Mayor