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First Open Mic of 2012 at Dot2Dot! Jan. 27

Dot2Dot will be hosting their first open mic of 2012! Dinner will be held at 6:00 p.m. and the open mic will be held at 7:00 p.m. More information about the event will be released as we near the date. Check out dot2dot's website for more information! Dot2Dot is located at 1739 Dorchester Avenue, in Dorchester, MA 02124. Contact Dot2Dot at 617.436.2368 or by emailing dot2dotmanager [at]

CANCELLED! DotBike Movie Night @ Dot2Dot Dec. 9

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED! Stay tuned for more events at Dot2Dot.

DotBike and Dot2Dot cafe event tonight is cancelled. Dot2Dot Cafe is located at 1739 Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester. You can find out more by visiting Dot2Dot's website, or contacting Dot2Dot by email or phone at 617.436.2368.

Alexi Paraschos, Muse Stew @ Dot2Dot

On Sundays in November, Dot2Dot will be having Sunday brunch with LIVE MUSIC from long time Dot2Dot performer, Alexi Paraschos! On Sunday the 20th, he will switch out with Muse Stew, a sextet playing original compositions and jazz standards. Brunch is held from 8 am to 2 pm, Tuesday through Sunday at Dot2Dot. Find out more at Dot2Dot's website. Dot2Dot is located at 1739 Dorchester Avenue, 02124.

The Dot Four @ Dot2Dot Nov. 18

On Friday, November 18th, there will be poetry from "The Dot Four," a group of local Dorchester women who will share their thoughts on being active in Dorchester! Check out Dot2Dot's menu online at their website Meg Campbell, Jean Knox, Sandra Kohler, and Cornelia Veenendaal - make up the quartet of poets who offer "poems of experience" - 'poems informed by decades of life not only as writers, but as teachers, mothers, gardeners, involved citizens of their community, observers of city life and the natural world'. Please come out and support these local poets, enjoy a meal and socialize with your neighbours! Dinner will be from 6:00 p.m., and the reading will start at 7:30 p.m. Dot2Dot Cafe is located at 1739 Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, 02124. Call 617.436.2368 for more information!

Open Mic @ Dot2Dot Nov. 4

On Friday, November 4th, Dot2Dot Cafe will be hosting their open mic night. Anyone who wants to step up to the mic - this is your moment. Spoken word, music, comedy, just want to share something out loud. Dinner will be from 6:00 p.m. and the open mic will start at 7:00 p.m. Dot2Dot Cafe is located at 1739 Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester, 02124. For more information, visit their website or give them a call at 617.436.2368.

Dinner and Movie @ Dot2Dot Nov. 11

On November 11th, Dot2Dot will be hosting a dinner and movie night! The featured movie will be "Like Water for Chocolate," a movie based on a novel by Laura Esquivel, and winner of 11 Ariel awards. The movie is a whimsical love story in which food plays a very important part. Set in Mexico and released as a novel in 1989, "Like Water for Chocolate" was the highest grossing movie for its time. There will also be a set 3 course dinner menu at $25 per head. Dinner will start at 6:00 p.m. and the movie will be at 7! For more information, check out Dot2Dot's website, or call 617.436.2368. Dot2Dot is located at 1739 Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, 02124.

Live Music @ Dot2Dot Sep. 23


Live music this Friday at Dot2Dot Cafe, with dinner at 6:00 p.m. and Alexi Paraschos and band performing at 7:30. The band will be playing a delicious mix of Motown classics and original songs. There will be a $5 cover charge that will go to the band. To make reservations, call the cafe at 617.436.2368. Visit Dot2Dot online at

"Chocolat" at Dot 2 Dot, Sep. 9

It's time for another Dinner and Movie Night at Dot 2 Dot Café (1739 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02124)! Come by no Friday, September 9 to fill your belly while watching "Chocolat," starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. To make a reservation please call the cafe on 617 436 2368. Dinner from 6 p.m. Movie starts at 7 p.m. Continue on for the menu! >> Read More

"Ratatouille" (Redux) at Dot 2 Dot Cafe, Aug. 5

Dot 2 Dot CafeThe Friday, August 5 edition of "Dinner and a Movie" at Dot 2 Dot Cafe features mouthwatering cuisine and a cook's worst nightmare: Dot 2 Dot will screen Pixar's "Ratatouille," the charming tale of a rat whose culinary ability by far exceeds that of his trembling human friend. From Dot 2 Dot:

This is an excellent, tongue-in-cheek (humans not rats) look at the restaurant business, the role of the food critic, romance (again humans not rats) and the preposterous idea that 'anyone can cook'. One of Pixar's finest and if you missed out because you couldn't find a child to drag along (yes, we've all been there), now's your chance to enjoy a great movie, great food, BYOB child-free or otherwise.

View Friday's menu at To make a reservation, call the Cafe on 617 436 2368. Children are welcome to bring cushions or beach chairs. 

Brunch and Live Music, Jul. 31

Dot2DotListen to amazing soul and pop music live while you eat your breakfast at Dot2Dot Cafe! Live music will be performed by Alexi Paraschos, who is an amazing soul and pop performer. Enjoy your breakfast and listen to great music at Dot2Dot Cafe this Sunday, July 31, at 12 p.m. and don't miss this fun event! For more information about this event visit or call 617 436-2368. For more information about the artist, visit

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