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Howard Art Projects Presents: National Geographic | May 23 to June 6

The Howard Art Projects (1486 Dorchester Ave) presents: National Geographic! This is a group exhibition featuring the work of Abbey Campbell, Nathaniel Grossman and Spencer Hinson.  Here, artists and art objects serve as spokespersons for nonhuman entities, at once creating and bringing into focus discrepancies between our external reality and its varied representations. While rooted in the factual, the works place emphasis on their own aestheticization, understanding it as not extraneous but necessary for their involvement within social or political frameworks. This exhibit starts on May 23rd and stays until June 6th. The opening reception will take place on May 23 from 6pm to 9pm. If you plan to visit, please make an appointment by contacting >> Read More

Human & Machine, Retrace & Depart | May 9

The Howard Art Project (1486 Dorchester Ave) presents Human&Machine, Retrace&Depart: an exploration of human attachment to mechanical objects, times and places. The opening reception will take place on May 9 from 6pm to 9pm. Exhibition dates: May 9 - 25 *By appointment only, email For more info, visit

Fair People | April 19

Howard Art Project: Modernist Manicures | March 29

March 29 from 6pm to 9pm is your last chance to take advantage of the Howard Art Project Modernist Manicures. Come show off your modernist nail art in the company of others! The artists will be offering one-finger mini-modernist manicures during the course of the night. For more info, click HERE.

Lucky Strike Exhibition | Feb 22

Lucky Strike is an exhibition at Howard Art Project featuring the Master of Fine Arts thesis project of Joe Joe Orangias. The project was initiated by his research at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University on how architecture and design choreograph the body, and influence social experience. Focusing on the candlepin bowling alley as a distinct case of such structural influence, Orangias has salvaged the only remaining materials from the former Lucky Strike Lanes in Dorchester, MA with the generosity of the property owner. These materials have been repurposed into a series of paintings, sculptures, and a collaboratively written Lucky Strike Manifesto. >> Read More

Howard Art Project exhibition: Slowness | Jan 27

As part of the ongoing Howard Art Project exhibition: Slowness, interdisciplinary artist Joanna Tam will discuss her work with Slowness curator: Christopher Thomas Ford. Tam will be discussing her project “107,594”. The title “107,594” refers to the estimated number of Iraqi civilians killed during the course of the US led invasion of Iraq. During the course of one year, Tam documented the basic biographical data of each victim on 3 x 5 index cards. The work is a meditation on time and the sheer breadth and banality of violence.

Sunday, January 27th at 2:30pm

More information HERE

Howard Art Project: Heart Shards | Sept. 1

The Howard Art Project is hosting "Heart Shards" which is an experimental puppet theater. Heart Shards will take place at 1486 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester MA at 9pm. The story of Heart Shards is about a girl who's mother dies. She refuses to feel sadness again so she puts her heart in a jar. For more info visit

Howard Art Project: Masquerader | August 5

Come to 1486 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester MA for Masquerader by the Howard Art Project. The opening reception is on August 5 from 4pm to 7pm. Performances will go from August 5 to 12. For more info about the Howard Art Project, visit For more info about the event click HERE.

The Right Brain Guitar Method | April 15

The Howard Art Project (1486 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester MA) invites anyone and everyone to join James McVay, the author of The Right Brain Guitar Method, on Sunday, April 15th at 7pm for a workshop that teaches a revolutionary approach to guitar. Understand music in a whole new way!

For more information and to reserve a spot for the workshop, email $25 at the door / The Right Brain Guitar Method

Howard Art Project: Peer Pressure | April 5

The Howard Art Project presents: Peer Pressure, is an MFA Thesis Exhibition with artists Alaina Gurdak, Anthony Montuori, Christopher Ford, Erik Benjamins, Leah Craig, Joanna Tam, Jordan Tynes, and Michael Gaughran.

The Opening Reception is on April 5 from 5-9PM, but will be open from April 6th to the 22nd, and is located at 1486 Dorchester Ave.  Hours: Fridays-Sundays 12 - 6PM and by appointment.

Visit their website: 

Hear a radio tidbit from the organization: >> Read More

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