Annual Cape Verdean-Jewish Passover Seder | April 13

Cape Verdeans and Jews.  What do they  have in common?  The Cape Verdean-Jewish Passover Seder is an annual event of cultural connection between these two groups that previously had had little contact with each other in Boston.  Since 2006 this extraordinary occasion has brought together Jews and Cape Verdeans to share and celebrate what they have learned are wide areas of commonality between the two communities:   >> Read More

Cape Verderan-Jewish Passover Seder

Cape Verdean Flag with Star of David in the Right Corner

On Thursday, April 10 there will be a Cape Verdean-Jewish Passover Seder. This event will take place at the Hibernian Hall located at 184 Dudley Street in Roxbury beginning at 6:00 pm. Join the Cape Verdean and Jewish communities for a joyous seder (dinner) meal which celebrates the great connection between the Cape Verdean and Jewish culture. At this event stories will be shared by both cultures. Space is limited, be sure to sign up here. Share this event with your friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to attend. 

For more information, email or call 339-225-9687.

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