Boston Ten Point Coalition

Boston Ten Point Coalition


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M-F: 9-5


The Boston TenPoint Coalition is an ecumenical group of Christian clergy and lay leaders working to mobilize the Christian community around issues affecting Black and Latino youth, especially those at risk for violence, drug abuse and other destructive behavior.
The Boston TenPoint Coalition envisions a strong, mobilized coalition of churches, effectively using their collective power to provide consistent services for high-risk youth while rebuilding communities to secure a safe, moral and productive future for all youth in Greater Boston. Boston TenPoint foresees a future when the social entrepreneurial efforts of Coalition members and partners will generate the funds required to sustain local efforts while reaching out to replicate successful policies, programs and practices throughout the state and region.

The Boston TenPoint Coalition is committed to reinforcing and creating new networks of violence prevention and intervention services, by building the capacity of member churches to serve high-risk and, oftentimes, violent youth. The Coalition also commits to strengthening and expanding partnerships with community-based, governmental, and private sector institutions willing to invest in high-risk youth and the future of the communities in which they live.


Boston Ten Point Coalition
215 Forest Hills Street
Boston, MA 02130
United States
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