Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

Peace Institute's Peace B-QUE | Aug. 13

There will be grilled burgers and dogs and ice cream sundaes. A DJ will be playing music. Local artists will perform. You will enjoy a whole range of activities including arts & crafts, face painting, photo booth, and a chance to try out Sand Tray/World Play. They will also have a resource table where you can find our what's happening at the Peace Institute this fall.

Make sure to check out the event page and invite friends and family HERE

Rain Date Sunday, August 14th Noon- 4pm. Recommended parking on Dorchester Ave. 

When: August 13 at 12pm

Where: Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, 15 Christopher St.



Boston’s Neighborhood Walks for Peace

if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together

Join Project R.I.G.H.T for a Community Walk and Gathering by DEMANDING PEACE! Join them and walk, shout and honk for peace! Supporters include:

When: Mondays, Summer July 5 – September 10

Where: Lilla Fredrick Pilot Middle School 270 Columbia Road, Grove Hall


For more information please contact: Jorge Martinez, Sr. Executive Director, 617-541-5454




Experience the Center of Healing, Teaching and Learning

 Learn how to access resources, gain skills and tools and build lasting relationships with other parents, this event is for those who feel overwhelmed. For all parents/guardians raising children with developmental disabilities, and academic challenges.

When: The last Wednesday of every month from 5 - 7 PM

Where: Grove Hall Library, 41 Geneva Ave., Dorchester, MA 02121


If interested please click here or call (617) 533-8133

LDB Peace Institute Listening Session | June 9

Join Louis D. Brown Peace Institute for a very important conversation. What do survivors of murder victims need in the days, months, and years after a loved one's death? Speak from your heart and be heard by representatives from the Boston Public Health Commission.

When: Thursday, June 9 6-8pm

Where: Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, 15 Christopher St, Dorchester, MA 02122

Dinner, childcare and translation services will be provided. 

To RSVP for more information contact Rachel Rodrigues 617-825-1917 or rachel@ldbpeaceinstitute.org



Historic 20th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace | May 8

Louis D. Brown Peace Institute invites you to participate in the historic 20th Annual Mother’s Day Walk For Peace. Peace isn’t simply the absence of violence; peace is the presence of healing, reconciliation, and accountability.

The Mother’s Day Walk is a celebration to create communities where all families can live in peace and all children are valued. More than that, the Mother’s Day Walk is a commitment to do the work necessary to bring that vision of peace to life. Louis D. Brown Peace Institute is walking to raise $600,000 so that they can sustain the Peace Institute as a center of healing, teaching, and learning for families impacted by murder, grief, trauma, and loss. 


When: Sunday, May 8 at 7 AM

Where: Louis D. Brown Peace Institute,  15 Christopher St, Dorchester 02122

  >> Read More

Mother's Day Annual Walk for Peace | May 10

mothers day walk for peace flyer

We hear and read about it every day...needless and senseless violence in our schools, on our streets, in our neighborhoods. Let’s ALL walk the walk that makes it clear — the time to end the violence is NOW. This Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, 2015, thousands of caring and concerned citizens will rally and walk in support of creating a more peaceful and violence-free community. Your participation will help deliver this much needed and important message and will support the efforts of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and other community organizations working to stop the violence in Massachusetts and help families heal.

Register today for the 19th Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace!


When: Sunday, May 10th

Registration Begins: 7:00 am

Opening Remarks: 8:00 am

Walk Begins: 8:30 am

Where: Town Field Park

Fields Corner 1520 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester

To register: mothersdaywalk4peace.org


Journaling Skills | October 8

Tuesday, October 8th, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute & The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery will be hosting their 3rd meeting.  This meeting will focus on Journaling Skills. In this meeting you will be given time to explore your writing skills. 
It will be held 5:30-7pm at the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, 1452 Dorchester Avenue, 3rd Floor, Fields Corner.
Next meetings are :
4. Artistic Expression - October 15th: Focuses on creative expression through art.
5. Yoga Practice - October 22nd: Offers you the opportunity to practice gentle yoga with a certified yoga instructor.  
You are welcome to come to any and all of the workshops.
Registration is required; please contact Deborah Levans: dlevans@bidmc.harvard.edu; 617-667-5658

Sand Tray World Play | October 1

October 1st, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute & The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery will be hosting their 2nd meeting.  This meeting will  focus on an alternative therapeutic practice in which people express themselves and their experiences through a natural, self-guided, self- healing process.

It will be held 5:30-7pm at the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, 1452 Dorchester Avenue, 3rd Floor, Fields Corner.

Next meetings are : >> Read More

What You Like | September 24

This first meeting is an introduction to the next four workshops - this one seeks to help you identify, plan and engage with people and activities which are helpful to you. >> Read More

Compassionate Friends 36th National Conference | July 5-7

July 5-7 2013  Compassionate Friends 36th National Conference  

Tina Chery will be the keynote speaker at the Compassionate Friends 36th National Conference on July 6  in Boston, MA.

Address: Boston Sheraton 39 Dalton St., Boston, MA 02199. 

1500 persons from the across the country are expected at Conference. The conference will incorporate the 14th annual Walk to Remember which begins at 8 a.m. Sunday July 7.     

This is the nation's largest self-help bereavement conference.  "This  is a unique conference because everyone attending has experienced the ultimate loss, the death of a child in their family, whether it happened two weeks or 40 years ago," says TCF Patricia Loder, executive director of The Compassionate Friends.              >> Read More

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