BGMS- Closing the Digital Divide Project | Mar. 28, 2018



Bowdoin Geneva Main Streets (BGMS) is trying to be pro-active in keeping the wealth w/ POC small business owners in this city. So we aim to 1) retain our residents as they're the market base for our business owners and 2) expand our business owners market base to include the larger community so they can maintain sustainability.

BGMS have set aside $10,000 to be used on this project and need volunteers to implement the following:

1) Assess the hair salons and businesses in the neighborhood who can use this:

  • Should we purchase ipad mini's separately or purchase them directly from Square?

2) Connect them to an internet service provider using Jean Luc Barros at 617-785-6783 or 217 Bowdoin Street

  • Do they need help paying for the internet? How much?

3) How can we market their business or increase their market base using social media or something that requires little upkeep on part of the business owner? How do we help ethnic businesses "Americanize" so that they can survive gentrification?

  • What is their current market base? 
  • What do they have to do make their business more palatable to a wider audience?
    • decor?
    • offer different retail items?
    • signage?
    • different services?

If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please email