Special Discount at Zia Gianna~ Italian Bakery & Caffe

Craving breakfast foods or simply want a quiet cozy place to hang out while enjoying your coffee? Then Zia Gianna, the new Italian café in Dorchester, is worthy of your attention. With the warm-colored interior, scenery photos of the Mediterranean island up on the walls, and kind greetings from the owner Nino Barbalace, one will sure feel as if they have arrived in Sicily as they enter the café. 

Nino's signature Brioche sandwiches were inspired by American-style biscuit breakfast sandwiches. Traditionally, a brioche is eaten with whipped cream or jam as Italian breakfast is mainly sweet. In an attempt to satisfy the American taste buds Nino decided to add pancetta (Italian bacon), ham, sausage, cheese and much more to the already flavorful brioche.

Other than breakfast sandwiches and omelets one must try their sweetened pastry or pie. Committed to making everything from scratch and with an emphasis on quality of the ingredients, Nino definitely deserves our support. And now is the best time to visit Zia Gianna! 

For the month of March, simply mention our name “MyDorchester” at Zia Gianna to receive a special discount of 50% off ANY SIZE coffee or espresso when you purchase a pastry of breakfast item on their menu.

MyDorchester Recommend:

Salina- pancetta, egg, & cheese sandwich

Libeccio- speck, porcini mushroom pate, fontal

Austro- ham, arugula, & cheese omelet

Noona’s Pie- lemon flavor crust filled with lemon pastry cream & topped with pine nuts


Location: 1739 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester MA 02124

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 7AM-4PM

Website: https://www.ziagianna.com/

Phone: 617-436-2368

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caffeziagianna/ 

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